Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a go....almost:)

Well, I'll start off by saying I'm doing much better than I was the last time I posted! I've pretty much accepted that our path to parenthood is going to be much different than we had once planned. I had my appointment with Dr. Bates today and much to my surprise we were told that we could begin IUI with donor sperm this month if we wanted....I was shocked, to say the least! After two and a half years of TTC, I feel we are closer than we've ever been to becoming parents!
By the way, Dr. Bates and his entire staff are absolutely amazing, I've honestly never felt more at ease than I do with them:)
Anyway, after talking with Dr. Bates, they did blood work to test all of my hormone levels and instructed me to call their office on cycle day 1 (first day of my period) so that I could come in for a baseline ultrasound on cycle day 2 or 3. My cycles are very regular, I almost always start on the 11th day of every month so I'm expecting my period to come on Saturday, which means I can't actually call until Monday morning (cd3) about anxious! 
So now we wait:) 

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