Monday, February 13, 2012

Cycle day 3, transvaginal ultrasound time!

As the title says, I'm currently on cycle day 3 and sitting here waiting to be called back for my transvaginal ultrasound, oh boy! I have no shame anymore, that all went out the window after my first few appointments where we had to share every teensy, tiny detail of our lives, infertility has no room for shyness or modesty I've quickly learned!
I woke up and called around 7am this morning, by 8am I was 20 minutes into my 2 hour drive to Birmingham....wet hair and all:)

Ok, well the ultrasound didn't go as well as I'd hoped, Dr. McKnight found a 2.4 cm cyst on my right ovary:/ I was crushed when she told me she wasn't sure if we'd be able to proceed with treatment on this cycle since it would increase my risk of having that ovary twist, which would require immediate surgery to fix. She spoke with Dr. Bates and they decided to check my estrogen level....if it's low enough we'll continue, if not I'm out this month:(
They told me they'd call with the results sometime after lunch and if everything was ok I could go pick up my prescription for Femara....*fingers crossed!*

Woohoo!!!! I.AM.SO.RELIEVED! I couldn't wait any longer so I finally called them around 4 this afternoon, I had convinced myself that they had forgotten about me LOL! The nurse said everything was good to go & that we could proceed with this cycle!!! Ahhh, I'm sooo excited!!!!! DH was outside talking to our pool repair man when I told him, "we're good to go!!" He got so excited he couldn't even finish his sentence, it was actually really sweet, he got so tongue tied and couldn't stop smiling!
I also found out that I will be giving myself a trigger shot before the IUI along with the Femara. We scheduled another ultrasound appointment for this coming Monday morning (cd10) at 8:45 & I guess they'll tell me then when I need to do my trigger shot, then 24-36 hours later they'll do the IUI!
I'm off to pick up my prescription, hopefully the side effects won't be nearly as bad as with Clomid!!!

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